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CHARITY, a word that also became a name for dear young girls in years past and found in the Bible to represent the love between all who take Christ as their Lord. Its significance is important and worthy of our understanding.

176 Words Verse 36

Covetousness, this malady that affects us all is also referred to as Lust by the Apostle Paul saying, “..I had not known sin, but by the law: for I had not known lust, except the law had said, Thou shalt not covet.” (Rom 7:7). Clearly it was that to which the Psalmist desired an exchange of his hearts inclination.

176 Words Verse 35

“Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; For therein do I delight”   (Ps 119:35) What an infinite joy it would be to never be able to sin against the Lord, to indeed “go in the path of his commandments”, this truly is the secret to lasting joy and happiness. In truth, to those who are born again, those who have been given a new heart where they desire to follow and to obey the commandments of…

Proximity Warning. Introduction Pt2

Proximity Warning Introduction   If you were to tell a friend exactly what was going to happen tomorrow and it happened just as you told him, and then told another friend of another tomorrow, and did so perfectly again and again, even one hundred times, how long would it take before you became the most famous and most consulted person in the world? It wouldn’t be long before you got the call from Oprah, thats for certain! How many people…

176 Words Verse 34

176 words   “Give me understanding, and I shall keep thy law; Yea, I shall observe it with my whole heart.” (Psalm 119:34)   ‘Keep’, is to retain, hold, guard and observe, this only is that commanded of man to keep thy law, and this only can be observed with the whole heart when the understanding from the Lord is given it. On the one hand we have a conscious awareness of the Law, but to have its understanding is…

176 Words verse 33

176 Words ‘he’   “Teach me, O LORD, the way of thy statutes; and I shall keep it unto the end.” (Psalm 119:33) In this fifth Octave we see the psalmist plea to the Lord to “Teach” him the very statutes from which the blessed life is lived. We see in the Psalmist the desire of his heart is to learn, a desire that can stem only from a state of humility and never through the heart filled with pride.…

Proximity Warning

Many either fail to care or fail to truly realise that a very significant part of the Bible is prophetic, it speaks of events to come, sometimes long after they have been written of. Much has already been fulfilled but some of the most impacting events are still future. Proximity Warning is written in light of many current events, largely economic events, that cry loud and clear of our respective proximity to one of the most frightening forms of economic control. Is the world on the brink of introducing a single global currency? Is a global currency reset looming? Is there evidence that a global currency has been long in the planning? Will it be introduced by cooperation or will it come as the result of a great crisis? What is the financial state of the Global economy that might facilitate a global change in currency? How close does our present technology place us to the ability of an imbedded chip to contain, control and exchange a digital form of currency? These are some of the questions I hope this series answers. Open the link for part one introduction.

176 Words DALETH Ps 119:25-32

Daleth; The 4th set of eight verses in this incredible Psalm of the word of God, Psalm 119. The Psalmist speaks of his absolute desire and need of the word of God, all it is to him and all it does within his life. His desire is to live in their accord, in that he has life, as we all would.

176 Words GIMEL

GIMEL “Deal bountifully with thy servant, that I may live, And keep thy word.”  (Ps 119:17) To think that all the Earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof, to think that not only does it all belong to the Lord but that he gives to whomsoever he will all he desires to give, to think again moreover that those who are his own will inherit not only eternal life, though that would suffice me; not only eternal communion with…
Persecuted Christians

176 words on 176 Verses. Psalm 119:22 Persecution

176 Words on 176 Verses “Remove from me reproach and contempt; For I have kept thy testimonies.”  (Ps 119:22)   There are those who would “live Godly in Christ Jesus” who shall suffer persecution, for this shall apply to all who would do so (2 Tim 3:12). There was a time past in our life that we “wrought the will of the gentiles”, that is, we lived life according to the same manner in which the world does, everything from…