One of the most wonderful and inspiring witnesses of the truth of the Gospel is how incredibly it changes our lives.

Nothing in history has ever come close to the miracle of the immediate and eternal change that occurs to a person the moment they have believed the Gospel unto salvation, that is, the moment they have been, as Jesus put it “born again” (John 3:3)

We begin this page in the third year of the history of this Church and aim to provide one testimonial each week of the month that mark our anniversary.

The testimonies found here are not of those who call themselves Christian, but the testimonies of those who actually are true Christians, those who have been evidently affected by the reality of the New Birth, those who have gone from death to life, “quickened” as the Bible refers it, to life everlasting. This is the testimonies of those who have truly received the forgiveness of sin and to whom the judgement that awaits the world, will not come.

These are the testimonials of forgiven and redeemed lives, lives that will never be the same again. Some are young, some are old and many are in-between. Some of the testimonies speak of lives changed from a young age, some who have had the unfortunate experience of coming to Christ later in life.

Some relate to a relatively good life, some of a change from an evil life. ALL HOWEVER speak of their complete transformation and continual change.

the Bible says,

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what isthat good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Romans 12:2

I pray the testimonies below are a blessing and an encouragement to you all.

Pr Edi Giudetti

Hope Baptist Church.

Greg: He Forgives For Everything

“He forgives you for everything”: Greg. Greg is a man who grew up in the midst of troubles and difficulties around him, listen to how he came to trust in Jesus to save him from his own sin, and see the evident joy in his heart as he recalls his life with tears.

Elise: “I Am Not Enough”

“I am not enough”: Elise A testimony I had much trouble to title from the many quotations that could have been employed; from the title of songs that impacted her heart to the entrance of the testimony as “Then came 2020”. But to settle on the statement Elise made that both shows the transformation of her life and the absolute reality of our state, she said “I am not enough”.

Shilo: “The relief that came over me was indescribable”

“The relief that came over me was indescribable”. Shilo A testimonial statement that I believe we all feel when we are so wonderfully saved by the LORD. The life of Shilo had taken many turns, what a wonderful joy to finally find the Saviour. The relief was no doubt “indescribable”.


Catholic To Christ Through The New Age From Catholic to Christ, through the New Age, Phillip’s testimony is not unusual in that regard, but it is his story. Many have come to Christ through alternative belief systems, alternative faith-based systems, some through atheism, some through paganism, and some, like Phillip, through the New Age.

Juliet: God Was Always There

God Was Always There Juliet shares that God was always there, even before she came to Christ, she was able to see God’s hand in her life as she dealt with the self-doubt that led to such difficulties in her life. She will share of her struggles as a young teen, and how they affected things as she got older. She will share of her past dependence on antidepressants and how she gave them up after she turned her heart…

WES: “It Just Hit Me…”

It Just Hit Me “It just hit me that what I was reading was true”; that moment when the penny finally drops, all the years that had gone by thinking you were heading in the right direction until the opposite finally dawns on you, that was the experience of Wesley. Another wonderful testimony of one who found hope.

Rose: “I Felt Something Missing…”

I Felt Something Missing In My Life “I felt something missing in my life”; is a phrase that marks the beginning of the greatest search a person can undertake. Not only did Rose find what she sought after, but she gained so much more than she expected. Listen to her story.


Being Saved Young Does Not Diminish Your Testimony. Saskia’s testimony would encourage many who grew up in Christian homes with similar experiences. She was saved young and shares in both the joy in not ever having to go through the many dangers and ordeals far too many young people experience, but she also shares about the struggles in her walk and what she had come to realise respecting her love for Jesus, most particullalry his love for her.


It all started with a jar of Vegemite Chrissie’s testimony has with it an interestingly unique search motivation for God. The death of her dear brother was but one thing that brought Chrissie to the point of giving up on life and telling God that if he wants her, he can have her. From a somewhat hardened teen, to a full submission to her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ can take some softening of the heart, one that began after…


David’s Testimony Wisdom Missed As a young boy David was introduced to the truth of God. It was a faith that was  encouraged by his grandmother, but wained until he met his new wife. The questions he never thought to ask himself, he began to ask as he tried to do all he could to comfort her. It was a wisdom he once knew, but it was a wisdom missed, missed because life and the things of this world quickly removed…