The Book of Proverbs

The Principal Thing

One of the greatest books of the Bible broken up into Paragraphs of Light. I pray you are blessed by this new weekly Commentary Series.

Remembrance Day, But Have We Forgotten?

Remembrance Day, a day in which we call to mind those who paid the ultimate price for the liberties we have enjoyed, but for far too long we seem to have forgotten why the price was paid, how it was gained and what this world truly has to offer.

Does Baptism Save You?

Does baptism save you? This is a question that is often asked and the answer is simple, but needs to be explained.
Seek The Truth

Truth: Seek and Find

It’s during times of increasing confusion in the world that people will tend to one of two opposing alternatives, seek the truth of a matter or condescend to the obscurity evident in the world.There is in this article a call for all people to the former and to avoid the latter at all costs.
False Teachers

“I Have Not Sent Them”

I Have Not Sent Them Are All Pastors Sent By God? I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. Jeremiah 23:21 It was ancient Babylon that the idea of the infallibility of the priest was first identified. Alexander Hyslop makes mention of the Priests of the mystery religions holding peculiar knowledge and were held with an esteem that was above reproach. Sadly, the idea that a priest, prophet, king or…

Proximity Warning

Many either fail to care or fail to truly realise that a very significant part of the Bible is prophetic, it speaks of events to come, sometimes long after they have been written of. Much has already been fulfilled but some of the most impacting events are still future. Proximity Warning is written in light of many current events, largely economic events, that cry loud and clear of our respective proximity to one of the most frightening forms of economic control. Is the world on the brink of introducing a single global currency? Is a global currency reset looming? Is there evidence that a global currency has been long in the planning? Will it be introduced by cooperation or will it come as the result of a great crisis? What is the financial state of the Global economy that might facilitate a global change in currency? How close does our present technology place us to the ability of an imbedded chip to contain, control and exchange a digital form of currency? These are some of the questions I hope this series answers. Open the link for part one introduction.

176 Word on 176 Verses. Ps 119:16 Delighted

“I will delight myself in thy statutes: I will not forget thy word.”  (Ps 119:16) It is difficult to forget the things we have delighted ourselves in. That which grieves us and makes things difficult in our life, that which causes pain and heartache are all willfully forgotten for none of them are delighted in. But that which brings joy to our hearts and puts a spring in our step and motivates us to forge ahead even in times of…

176 Words on 176 Verses. Psalm 119:12

176 Words on 176 Verses “ Blessed art thou, O Lord: Teach me thy statutes.”  (Ps 119:12) We speak of God as Blessed, and that he is indeed. When asked of Christ to identify himself he was asked precisely if he was “the Son of the Blessed” (Mrk 14:61), there was no doubt of whom they spoke. The Lord is indeed ‘Blessed’, this is not a description of his state of being, or the well doing of his life, but…
What is the truth about

What is the Truth about……?

What is the truth about…….? Ok, so you’d like to know what the Bible teaches about a certain belief or doctrine in order to perhaps check that which is being taught by your own pastor or church? Well done! My only hope is that you are doing so sincerely and not merely trying to confirm your own presupposition or the position that you have grown up to believe in. The best place to start is first to question your own…