The Bible

Todays Consistent Inconsistency

Do we believe the Bible or don’t we? Never has there been such inconsistency among those who profess to believe their Bibles, especially Pastors. The adage seems as true today as when it was first used, ‘the congregations are more conservative than their pastors’. More than ever do we find doubt created in that great book, until ultimately, people don’t trust it enough to read it.

Where True Comfort is Found

There is a blessedness of joy and hope when we look to the Bible for comfort and consolation in our times of deepest need. It is in the scriptures where the Lord has given to mankind the answers to all the questions he is likely to ask, and ask he certainly does in times of deepest despair or sorrow. But our grief will have only a temporary lift when we think to find answers apart from those given in truth,…