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Proximity Warning

Many either fail to care or fail to truly realise that a very significant part of the Bible is prophetic, it speaks of events to come, sometimes long after they have been written of. Much has already been fulfilled but some of the most impacting events are still future. Proximity Warning is written in light of many current events, largely economic events, that cry loud and clear of our respective proximity to one of the most frightening forms of economic control. Is the world on the brink of introducing a single global currency? Is a global currency reset looming? Is there evidence that a global currency has been long in the planning? Will it be introduced by cooperation or will it come as the result of a great crisis? What is the financial state of the Global economy that might facilitate a global change in currency? How close does our present technology place us to the ability of an imbedded chip to contain, control and exchange a digital form of currency? These are some of the questions I hope this series answers. Open the link for part one introduction.

Where True Comfort is Found

There is a blessedness of joy and hope when we look to the Bible for comfort and consolation in our times of deepest need. It is in the scriptures where the Lord has given to mankind the answers to all the questions he is likely to ask, and ask he certainly does in times of deepest despair or sorrow. But our grief will have only a temporary lift when we think to find answers apart from those given in truth,…

176 Words Psalm 119:1

Psalm 119, 176 verses dedicated particularly to the Word of God. The longest chapter in the Bible with its focus on the Bible alone. This series will contain no more than 176 words as a commentary on each of the 176 verses of this Psalm. Pr Edi.