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Why The KJV?


When Pastors Don’t Believe Their Bibles Pt 2 My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation. James 3:1 Few they be that stand behind their pulpits in fear of that condemnation warned of so earnestly by the Apostle. Few consider the very present reality of eternity and the effect that every word, even every idle word, would be accounted for on that day (Matt 12:36). There is a generation of viperswho injected poison in the…
Why The KJV?

When Pastors Don’t Believe Their Bibles

There we go, crazy KJV Only people yet again trying to throw water on personal preference. But wait… Are these not logical questions? When a Pastor sets out to correct the Bible, is he not inconsistent with the very calling upon his life? His calling is to “preach” and to “teach” the word of God. The assumption is that he has it, not that he needs to create it, correct it, add to it or take from it. But what do so many in this Laodicean age do respecting it? They create doubt. This was done before.