176 Words Psalm 119:1

Psalm 119

Blessed are the undefiled in the way, Who walk in the Law of the Lord.

(Psalm 119:1)

The Lord has given that description of joy that comes to the man having peace with God as “blessed”. When the worlds synonym “happy” is considered, then  we come to understand its meaning and application. Happiness is the external manifestation that is expressed from he who is blessed, and certainly none are more blessed than those Who walk in the law of the Lord.

Psalm 119 contains within it 176 verses which speak to the words of the Lord. It is broken up into 22 segments of 8 verses apiece, headed by each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet; ALEPH, BETH, GIMEL etc. Each word that begins the verse originally, begins with that signifying letter in the octadic structure of this Psalm. The seven words used synonymously with the word ‘Word’ are found in the first seven verses of the first octad in the Psalm (Ps119:1-8).

Rarely may one see a more sublime structure providing for each of us a recognition of the most valuable book in the world. Blessed are the undefiled when we trust his way.


Pr Edi Giudetti


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