Time Of The Signs

Israel: A Promise Kept

What is the purpose of Prophecy?? “that ye may know” “ye may believe” When our Lord tarried at Jerusalem two more days after he was told that Lazarus was sick, Lazarus died. In John 11:11 Jesus then told his disciples the news saying; John 11:11–15 11… Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep. 12 Then said his disciples, Lord, if he sleep, he shall do well. 13 Howbeit Jesus spake of his death: but they thought that he…
World Religion

Pt 8. The Coming Global Religion

A Global government seems evident and spoken of publically, a global currency system has also been well discussed in public circles with many secular books written on a coming economic collapse and the reset of the worlds currency system, but have we heard anything much about the forming of a coming global religion? You’d think a generally secular society would have no interest, but when more half the would has some kind of religious faith, you may be underestimating the future role, particularly when its original motive is understood.

Pt 7. The Mark and Coming Global Currency

The bible teaches of a time when all people will have a single global currency unit of exchange and be compelled to take a mark, not just any mark, the mark of the beast. Is the world being conditioned today to accept the coming reality of this event? Are we living in the time of these signs?
Global Division

Pt 5: Iron and Clay

Daniels interpretation of the Kings dream reflects an aspect of the fourth kingdom that is rarely spoken about, but is one of the clearest signs of the times; it is that of global division.
The Apostate Church

Pt 4: The Apostate Church

The saddest of the Signs of the Times is the falling away of the Church, the Church in apostasy. It all began with the simple denial that the Church has the very words of God, and has progressed to such a state of unbelief that feelings, emotions, seducing spirits and the denial of sound doctrine had become the norm. No longer do we go to Church to seek after God, now people go to simply get a different version of secular motivational messages, and, if they are unlucky enough, they leave having been overcome by an entity they cannot understand. So badly has the Church fallen away that many “pastors” are preparing their flocks to be swayed by the lying signs and wonders that will come. Is this sign evident in this time? Is this the time for this sign?

Pt 3: Be Not Deceived.

3. Be Not Deceived It is where we consider the signs that we are told will be evident in the last days, and ask ourselves which of them are applicable for today. It’s not a series of sermons I take lightly, though the topics of the series are somewhat solemn, if they verify the Bible as true beyond reasonable doubt, then there is infinite hope for all who trust the truth of what Jesus has done. 27% of the Bible…

Pt 2: Israel, The Future

Israel is our God’s Time Clock, this seems evident as we consider the Bible and all that it teaches concerning the future, especially in the light of Israel’s future. Watching Israel is watching the Bible being fulfilled in these last days.

Pt 1: Israel, A Promise Kept.

We are living in the most incredible time in history. A time that is filled with confusion for many, but a time that’s well understood by some. To many, these days seem like everything is falling apart, but to some there is the clear recognition that everything is coming together. The Bible speaks of the last days with such clarity that it is shocking for many, and these days demonstrate the most incredible convergence of events ever seen, demonstrating with all certainty that we are living in the Times of The Signs spoken of by Jesus and the balance of the Bible. Please join me as I go through a number of those signs, and discern for yourself where we are on the prophetic timetable.