Pt 8. The Coming Global Religion

Pt 8. The Coming Global Religion

The Coming Global Religion

A Global government seems evident and spoken of publically, a global currency system has also been well discussed in public circles with many secular books written on a coming economic collapse and the reset of the worlds currency system, but have we heard anything much about the forming of a coming global religion? You’d think a generally secular society would have no interest, but when more half the would has some kind of religious faith, you may be underestimating the future role, particularly when its original motive is understood.

Isaiah 14 is the ‘go-to’ passage in the bible where one may be certainly able to see the original motivation behind the coming global religion. In this passage you will see with whom the original conspiracy lies. In this passage you will also see the original goal of the effort and in this passage you might get a hint that the inspiration behind certain global organisations is not entirely secular.

It is true that, in an increasingly secular world, there is little that would seem to compel people toward religion, and certainly less so toward a global religion. Few people care about organised religion, but this will not alter the underlying effort, the devil simply does not care about you desiring to live your life your way and, unlike God, he will not give you the freedom to choose your present life over your worship of him. The Bible teaches plainly that all people will be compelled, upon pain of death, to warship ‘The Beast’, and to take the name and the number of his name (Rev 13:17). According to the Bible, your secular desires are ill considered, you will be forced to worship the devil or to deny him and turn to the Lord.

A Global Religion Prepared

Though on the surface among the secular people of the world, nothing seems to be moving, not too far underneath the surface preparation has been underway for over one hundred years to unite the religions of the world. Indeed we could go back much further to a time known as The Counter-Reformation, this being the direct war taken by the Roman Catholic Church against the earlier Reformation of Biblical Christianity begun in the 14th Century with the translation of the Bible into the vulgar tongues of the people. This effort had created para organisations such as the Jesuits, of whom the current pope is the first pope from that order, and led to the infiltration of the theological institutions of the protestants over many years, with direct links to the retranslation of the English Bible into the multitude of babbling versions we have today.

Though organisations such as the Interfaith Movement and all its subsidiaries are created to “unite” Christians, they are led primarily back toward the Roman Catholic Church. This is planned over many years and we can see its efforts materialise through the ecumenical system.

As the counter-reformation has had such an impact on Christianity through the universities, we should naturally expect that it will be through the education system in general that all will be brought to fruition. The end of this will see a single world religion in worship of antichrist during the time spoken of in the bible as ‘the day of the Lord

I pray you will be greatly informed in this study, that you will consider its manner and method, but most importantly its biblical direction for a coming global religion.



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