Todays Consistent Inconsistency

Todays Consistent Inconsistency

Today’s Consistent Inconsistency

It seems somewhat evident that the most divisive issue in Christianity is the one not spoken of at all, or rarely. Not because it is not important, on the contrary, the issue surrounding Bible versions is the most important issue of all, but because;

  1. So little is known by Pastors on the topic;
  2. So extreme seem the views on the surface.

Most Bible colleges take for granted that the issue of Bible versions is already settled, eclecticism seems to be the prevailing position. ‘Diversity’ and ‘Pluralism’ is the way of the day, “lets all just get along and accept each others differences”. I guess it’s one thing to accept each others differences with a willingness toward toleration, but it’s quite another to think the differences are all equally valid and should be accepted as equally true.

The issue surrounding Bible versions is just such an issue. In the secular world, Christianity is now seen to have become a laughing stock, they witness people who are willing to ‘believe the Bible, errors and all

How do we defend ourselves as trusting the word of God if we accept all versions in the one language (450+ in English and still counting) as equally trustworthy? Don’t the secular world have a valid point that the Bible has indeed been corrupted? Indeed, if each version of the Bible needs to be different enough to receive its own copyright under derivative copyright laws (25% give or take), can we truly say the Bible has not changed, and do so with a straight face? 

How do pastors reconcile saying they believe the Bible as the inspired, infallible, inerrant word of God if they stand there week after week correcting the very book they say is from God? Are the congregations to simply ignore such obvious hypocrisy in the name of tolerance?

When our ‘men of the cloth’ stand there upholding their black backed, red letter, thumb indexed, King James Bibles and tell you, on the one hand that you need to trust the Bible, but in their sermons state with complete authority, “a better word is” or, “a more perfect word should be” or ,“The word Easter should not be in the Bible…etc”,do the flock of such shepherds not wonder how it is possible that their precision preaching pastor holds as true, two contradictory notions simultaneously? 

Consistency, that is the struggle with many today, the position they hold on any doctrine needs to be consistent with what the Bible actually teaches. The notion that God has not preserved his words (Ps 12:6-7), or that men have thrown up a device against God (Prov 19:21), or that God does not have the ability (Jer 32:27), or that he lied (Num 23:19) or finally that God is limited by language (Gen 11:1-9), needs to be consistent with what the Bible actually teaches, if it is not, THEN IT MUST BE WRONG, if wrong, then one needs to revisit reality.

Pr Edi Giudetti


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