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God is still on the throne

God Is Still on The Throne Pt 3: Ministers of God

Can government actually be ministers of God? There is no other way to consider the plain text of Romans 13, where “the powers that be are ordained of God” and “whosoever therefore resisters the power, resisters the ordinance of God”, so it seems quite obvious that “he is the minister of God”.
God is still on the throne

God Is Still On The Throne Pt 2 Resisting God

God is Still on the Throne Pt 2Resisting GodPr Edi Giudetti 20/6/2021 INTRODUCTION We don’t often think that we are Resisting God when resisting the authority of Government, but in the first few verses of the passage read this morning that seems to be exactly what we are doing. Its natural for people to resist government because its natural for man to resist all forms of authority, look at the world around you today and its not difficult to see…