Depression and Joy


Depression is known today as one of the most prolific forms of mental illness in the world. It affects all aspects of our lives and our attempts at dealing with it has spawned a virtual boom in medicated Band-Aids.

As one who has personally suffered with depression for ten years, I am well acquainted with both its symptoms and its potentially dangerous effect. But I am also well aware of the ineffective ways people the world over attempt to employ to cure this severe malady.

In short, Drugs are not the answer for long the long term, neither are the attempts to divert guilt or efforts for searching within. The answer is simple, but it will require humility both to seek after it and to live in it.

Joy is our ultimate desire. This short series will take us through some of the fundamental questions that surround the source of depression and man’s long time search for happiness.

What is depression? Where does it come from? Can true happiness be achieved if its source is the accumulation of all our desire? Is it happiness we are searching for or joy? What is the ultimate source of Joy?

Please join me in this study of one of the most profound questions of our day.


Pr Edi