The Bible Survey Series

The Bible Survey Series

The Bible Survey Series will take us through the Bible with a birds eye view of the entire Bible in context. My aim will be to preach and teach a summery of each book, with a basic application, each sermon. That means one sermon survey per book….quite a task.

To know what the Bible teaches in context is one of the most valuable resources we can have. It removes, or at least limits, the risk of taking scripture out of its context when we desire to apply it in our lives.

Too many people today gain most of their knowledge of the Bible from teachers rather than from the Bible itself, when they read the Bible it’s often no more than a chapter or two per day. Many treat scripture reading as a lottery ticket and hope each day a given verse will jump out as if it were a proverb from an ancient eastern source, Many times their application is completely removed from the context it is written in.

The Bible survey series gives the diciple opportunity to know the Bible in context. It is my responsibility to bring out what is in plain sight, to give a birds eye view of the book, as well as hope to provide its application.

In the Bible Survey Series you might find a Part 1 and 2 sermon on a book, but I will do all I can to limit one book per sermon. (The Book of Isaiah is the only one so far that I found this far too difficult to do and had to expound it in two parts).

To the writing of this summary there are 25 books surveyed in Sermon. If you are reading the Bible with the aim of reading it through at least twice per year (about 30 minutes each day), you will have cought up to where we are in about 25 weeks.

So start reading your Bible, use the Bible Survey Series as a guide introduction only, and enjoy knowing what the Bible teaches in its context.

Begin reading with Genesis. You can also listen to the Bible directly from this website.

I trust the series will bring you a fresh apreciation for the Book of Books through The Bible Survey Series.

Pr Edi

The Book of Daniel Survey

The Book of Daniel Survey Pr Edi Giudetti 24-09-2017 INTRODUCTION   We come now to the fifth and last book of the major prophets, the Book of Daniel Suvey. The book of Daniel is one of the most contested books of the Bible together with the book of Revelation, Why? Both go into great detail about the time of the end.  But Daniel is contended against not for its difficult interpretations of the future, not for being obscure, but for…

The Book of Ezekiel Survey

20170917 The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel Pr Edi Giudetti   17-09-2017    Ezekiel survey A Prophet To the Nation. God Departing   Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, in the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the river of Chebar, that the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God. (Ez 1:1)   In this Ezekiel Survey we firstly come to know that Ezekiel is…

The Book of Isaiah Survey Pt 2 Comfort

The Book of Isaiah Survey Pt 2, comfort. Pr Edi Giudetti 13-08-2017   Prophetic Comfort Hiking, the Comfort and Consolation of coming Home. Just before Easter this year my daughter Natalie and I did a three-day hike in Wilsons Promontory Victoria. It was supposed to be only two days, but Nats father was not doing too well after the first days 22km hike. When we started it was certainly not comfort that we were expecting, but some difficult yet rewarding…

The Song Of Solomon Survey.

The Song of Solomon Survey. Pr Edi Giudetti 30-07-2017 The Song of Solomon Survey takes us to the heart of the heart in the Bible, a heart that speaks of the death of Love God has for his bride. We look today at concluding the Heart of the Bible, that is those five books that find themselves in the centre of the Old Testament, between the seventeen historical narratives and the seventeen prophetical books. This is where we find the…

The Book of Ecclesiastes Survey

The Book of Ecclesiastes A Survey. Pr Edi Giudetti 23-07-2017     We are now in the second last of the five wisdom books of the Old testament, located in the heart of the Old testament between the 17 historical books and the 17 prophetic. JOB We were introduced to the wisdom books by the book of Job. We discovered that the most righteous man in the world also had to come to his knees before the living God and…

The Book of Proverbs Survey

The Book of Proverbs Pr Edi Giudetti 09-07-2017 This week we will be looking at the Book of Proverbs. Last week we concluded what is sometimes referred to as the “Poetical Pentateuch”. Recognising that the book of the Psalms are in fact five books of devotion and praise unto the Lord. It is Referred sometimes as the “Poetical Pentateuch” because its five books recall to mind the actual Legal Pentateuch known as the five books of Moses, or The Law of…

The Book of Psalms Survey

The Book of Psalms, A Survey Pr Edi Giudetti 02-07-2017 What a journey we have uncovered to date, to think that we have past the seventeen historical books of the Bible and entered deeply into the five poetical books in the midst of the Bible. These books are the separation between the Seventeen Historical books and the Seventeen Prophetic books, completing the Old Testament. We have seen structure in the layout of the Bible, and we believe the text inspired…