The Book of Beginnings, possibly the most important book in the Bible. A difficult consideration for which isn’t important? As the book of Revelation is found at the end of the Bible, so too the book of beginnings found at the beginning of the Bible. We think at times the Lord is trying to tell us how we can read his word.

Genesis Chapter 1 deals specifically with the account of creation in summary form. From the 1st day to the seventh, God presents his work to ensure there is not confusion.

Genesis Chapter 2 goes into further detail respecting Gods creation, no this is not another creation account, it differs slightly from the order of Genesis 1 but that is due to the Lord providing specific additional details he deems important.

Genesis Chapter 3 deals with the fall of man. Satan makes his first appearance here also as the great deceiver in the form of a serpent. He begins his first communication with a question designed for no other purpose than to create doubt in Gods words. Man believes him and disbelieves God.

Genesis Chapter 4 The sorry account of the first murder is described in this chapter, a brother murdered by his brother for nothing more than spite of his brothers faithfulness to the Lord. Blood split that ends in death and cries out to the creator of life.

Genesis Chapter 5 An account of the generations from Adam to Noah, a list through which an understanding of the meaning of the Hebrew names provides for us The Gospel of he that should come.

Within this book are contained the beginnings of all things, all creation, all mankind, all law even all physics. This is indeed the very book of beginnings, without which we would have no true understanding of the world or of life or of its purpose.

Praise the Lord for beginning the Bible with Genesis.