Sermons on 2 Thessalonians

The Apostate Church

Pt 4: The Apostate Church

The saddest of the Signs of the Times is the falling away of the Church, the Church in apostasy. It all began with the simple denial that the Church has the very words of God, and has progressed to such a state of unbelief that feelings, emotions, seducing spirits and the denial of sound doctrine had become the norm. No longer do we go to Church to seek after God, now people go to simply get a different version of secular motivational messages, and, if they are unlucky enough, they leave having been overcome by an entity they cannot understand. So badly has the Church fallen away that many “pastors” are preparing their flocks to be swayed by the lying signs and wonders that will come. Is this sign evident in this time? Is this the time for this sign?
The Rapture

The Day Of The Lord

The distinction between the Day of Christ and The Day of the Lord is often missed, this sermon intends to address how the Bible uses those two terms, and the four areas of distinction between those two phrases. A Distinction of Place  The Day of Christ alloccurs in heaven. The Day of the Lord alltranspires on the Earth. A Distinction of People The Day of Christ affects allthose gathered together in Heaven. The Day of the Lord affects all the people on the Earth A…
Ephesians Survey

2 Thessalonians Survey

2 Thessalonians Survey Pr Edi Giudetti   03-6-2018       2 Thessalonians Survey, like the book, follows on from 1st Thessalonians in both number and theme. The location of Thessalonica is Greece, or what was then known as Macedonia.  The 1stletter introduces both the witness of this persecuted Church and the coming of the Lord for his Church, what we refer to as the Church Raptured or “Caught up” as the passage relates.   This second letter goes into further…