The Day Of The Lord

The distinction between the Day of Christ and The Day of the Lord is often missed, this sermon intends to address how the Bible uses those two terms, and the four areas of distinction between those two phrases.

A Distinction of Place 

The Day of Christ alloccurs in heaven.

The Day of the Lord alltranspires on the Earth.

A Distinction of People

The Day of Christ affects allthose gathered together in Heaven.

The Day of the Lord affects all the people on the Earth

A Distinction of Period

The Day of Christ begins at the Rapture of the Church and Ends with our return to earth with Christ at his second Coming.

The Day of the Lord begins at the opening of the first seal of Revelation and extends through the millennium ending when the Earth ends.

A Distinction of Purpose 

The Purpose of The Day of Christ is for the marriage of the Lamb to his bride, the giving of rewards at the judgment seat of Christ and to keep us from what transpires on Earth. 

The purpose for The Day of the Lord, is to purge the world of the sinner prior to the millennium, to fulfil the promises made to Israel, to make an end of sin and to bring in everlasting righteousness. 


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