Sermons from July 2021

Upholding One Another

Upholding One Another Reading Romans 14:7-23 I have often spent time thinking about what my life would have been like had I not believed the gospel. I think of how my life has been so incredibly blessed and how different my life would have been had the Gospel not transformed me completely.  Like many people my life was heading on a trajectory of potential tragedy, not as much in life but certainly the end of life. At the end of my…

Doubtful Disputations

Not everything need be considered as black and White in the Bible, one such are are those addressed in this passage as Doubtful Disputations.

A Conscience Awoken

The greatest maladies of man today is the issue surrounding his conscience. In short the conscience asleep is that which permits all kinds of sin in the life of a person, but the conscience awoken brings peace and joy.

The Love That Fulfils The Law

Its love that fulfils the Law, it is love that is a debt we are always obligated to pay and shall never be discharged from. It is the love of Christ that it emulates, who’s death upon the cross of Christ fulfilled the very law of God.