A Conscience Awoken

A Conscience Awoken

The greatest maladies of man today is the issue surrounding his conscience. In short the conscience asleep is that which permits all kinds of sin in the life of a person, but the conscience awoken brings peace and joy.

Sin is the true destructive force, but it is a sleeping conscience that permits its destruction to continue unhindered by the conscience awoken. Our conscience is that which gives to us ready information, warnings that stem directly from the soul to inform a person as to his error, but a conscience asleep fails to sound the alarm and the error goes on unabated until it eventually destroys its subject.

By far the greatest solution to a wounded conscience is Christ, he came to seek and to save that which is lost, he came to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and to free man from the due penalty of his sins. The Bible teaches plainly that the wages of sin is death and Jesus came to save man from it, but the suppression of the conscience is the greatest enemy of this work, why? Because it prevents the heart from knowing it’s guilt.

The modern self-esteem movement is one of the great enablers of a suppressed conscience, it tries to hide guilt, lock it into a box and place it into the deep reassesses of the mind in the hope it will never manifest itself, but the conscience simply won’t stop working to wake the weary soul.

Yet a conscience awoken to its sin, becomes the way through which liberty can be found in Christ. He and he alone can save us; his death paid the penalty, his blood washed away our sins, our faith procures all the benefits of his work that was finished on the cross.


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