Sermons on Sovereignty of God

Voices Of Testimony

Four Voices of Testimony are presented in the four sections of Psalm 2. Testimony of Rebellious Man Testimony of Gods Correction Testimony of The Sons Affirmation Testimony of The Spirits Admonition
Faith Commenth By Hearing

The Riches Of His Glory

Perhaps it may seem unusual for the Bible to describe the manifestation of the riches of the Glory of God as that represented in his sovereignty as it does so wonderfully in Romans 9:14-24, yet that is exactly how Paul ascribes the manner in which The Lords Glory is known.
Ephesians Survey

1 Chronicles Survey

1 Chronicles Survey Pr Edi Giudetti 14-05-2017 Unfortunately the Audio is unavailable…batteries died in the transmitter and lost 2/3rds of the sermon, sorry 🙂 The Hand of the Lord.   Introduction The first book of Chronicles together with the second, demonstrate to us that there is an unseen hand throughout the course of events in human history. None is more evident than what we see concerning the nation of Israel. In the accounts of 1 & 2 Samuel and 1…