"Science" Tagged Sermons

3. The Numbers

Numbers, probably the most amazing lie detector accessible. Numbers can tell you many things, not only the outcome of a given equation, but can also advise on profitability or loss. Mastering numbers ensure that you get things right, mastering numbers also ensures that the potential outcome you have considered is realistic. Without numbers we all would be playing a guessing game, whether in accounting or in science, whether in geography or geometry, whether in electricity or mechanics, whether shopping or even running a foot race, numbers will tell us if we have enough to finish what we start. What are the chances God does not exist? What are the chances your eternity is not in imminent danger? Its the question this lecture asks and provides a hint of more to come.

2. The Odds

What are the odds surrounding the existence of life? What are the likely chances that God does not exists and therefore all we see and all that is arose out of a virtual infinite series of lucky draws?