2. The Odds

What are the odds surrounding the existence of life? What are the likely chances that God does not exists and therefore all we see and all that is arose out of a virtual infinite series of lucky draws?

If there is no God, then this does not only effect accountability, something most people want to run as far away from as possible, but it also affects purpose (What are you here for), it affects meaning (Reasons for life), it affects ethics or morals (Moral law cannot exist without a Moral Law giver).

In fact, if God does not exists and if man and all there is remains to be simply chance mutations that arose from lower forms of other random mutations, and if this can be applied to the mind, how can we be sure about anything at all?

This lecture deals with the Odds of Gods NON Existence.

Would you bet your life on the flip of a coin? Heads you live, tails you die? The odds you live is one chance in two, or numerically 1:2.

What about the role of a dice, roll a six and you live, roll any other sequence you die? The odds you live are one chance in six, or numerically 1:6.

You will see the numbers quickly stack up, but we are only speaking here of life. What of eternity? If there is the slightest chance that eternity, heaven and hell do exists and that the odds of an “accidental Universe” are any less than one chance in two….should we not think this more important than a temporary life?

This series goes on to show that the chance life happened by accident is so remote that anyone with the right understanding of the danger they are in would and should “RUN FOR COVER” and that covering, the Bible tells us, is Jesus Christ. He is the seeker and Saviour of our eternal souls.

I do pray the study series is a blessing to you.