Sermons on 2 Peter

Sermons on 2 Peter

The Rapture

The Day of Christ

The distinction between the Day of Christ and The Day of the Lord is often missed, this sermon intends to address how the Bible uses those two terms, and the four areas of distinction between those two phrases. The summary of which is below; A Distinction of Place  The Day of Christ alloccurs in heaven. The Day of the Lord alltranspires on the Earth. A Distinction of People The Day of Christ affects allthose gathered together in Heaven. The Day of the Lord…
Ephesians Survey

2 Peter Survey

2 Peter Survey   THE ESTABLISHED WORD   This 2 Peter Survey follows well from Peters 1stEpistle to the Elect in Christ, his desire above all things is that the lambs of God would grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord, and that the way to attend to such maturity in Christ is through the very words and promises of God.   Who Wrote? 2 Peter 1:1 1 Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ,…