Sermons from August 2023

The Return Of Christ

The return of Christ is the single most anticipated event among both Christians and many in the world, but for very different reasons.

Pt 6: The Resurrection of Christ

The resurrection of Christ is the most testifiable event in history regardless of how the evidence of history is measured. If any measure employed to deny this historic event would be applied to any other event, then no history could ever be affirmed as true. Therefore, by the same measures employed to attest to all people and events of history, being applied to the resurrection of Christ, we would find this single event to be the most testifiable event of history.

Jesus Pt 5: The Death of Christ

Though the death of Christ is perplexing considering all he is, yet when we understand it, its value is beyond measure. We will see that the Death of Christ is PURPOSEFUL, PROPITIOUS, POWERFUL AND PIVOTAL. Nothing compares to its value.

Jesus Pt 4: The Incarnation

The Incarnation The Son Of David Introduction There is a passage in the Bible in 1 Cor 1:22 which says; 22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: The Bible presents interestingly presents, not only two, but three types of people in the world when it comes to how they perceive something to be true. Some seek after signs, (the Jews REQUIRED THEM) They look for evidence of proof usually from a divine or supernatural origin, (a lightning strike on…