Sermons from January 2021

Faith Commenth By Hearing

Blessing Our Persecutors

It is not natural to us to Bless our Persecutors; quite to the contrary, the most natural tendency for us all is to fight fire with fire, those who treat us with spite, we return the favour in kind. Yet it is to this that we are called, this is how Love can be demonstrated without dissimulation, without hypocrisy. This is what reveals Christ who died for us while we were yet his enemies.
Faith Commenth By Hearing

The Blessedness Of Giving

It is the privilege of Christians to fully comprehend the experience of the blessedness of giving, and this only in the light of Christ. So few people comprehend this very unique joy, and even fewer have understanding of its eternal significance.Does what is given today in the name of Christ multiply reward eternally? The answer depends only on where you desire your treasure stored.

We Glory In Tribulations Also

Romans 5 is one of the most incredible portions of the Bible. One of the elements is in the consideration of how Christians are to respond to difficulty in their lives, Paul has an approach that may be seen to be provocative to many Christians. Brother Jeramie explains.

He Walked On The Water

We live today in difficult times the world over. This time in history is unique in so much that all people are struggling with fears about what tomorrow will bring. Yet in the midst of troubled waters he walked on water. Who? Peter! But when his focus turned from Christ to the trouble that surrounded him he began to sink. There is a message in that for all of us.