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Prayer Pt 7: Ask For Wisdom

There are five prayer points to which the Lord ALWAYS answers YES, the greatest of which is wisdom, therefore Ask For Wisdom.

YES Wisdom

YES Wisdom   Pr Edi Giudetti 28-10-2018     Introduction   Such a vast and wonderful topic is the topic of wisdom. We search for a definition of it in the scriptures and we find, to our astonishment, that the value of wisdom is better than rubies, and more, thatall the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it(Pr 8:11).   In fact that very passage tells us that the words of Gods mouth are they…
Ephesians Survey

The Book of Proverbs Survey

The Book of Proverbs Pr Edi Giudetti 09-07-2017 This week we will be looking at the Book of Proverbs. Last week we concluded what is sometimes referred to as the “Poetical Pentateuch”. Recognising that the book of the Psalms are in fact five books of devotion and praise unto the Lord. It is Referred sometimes as the “Poetical Pentateuch” because its five books recall to mind the actual Legal Pentateuch known as the five books of Moses, or The Law of…