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Faithfulness Pt 6 The Cheerful Giver

The first century church was identified with a people who understood the infinite value of the Gospel and became ‘Cheerful Givers”, what characteristic shall identify the last century church respecting their money? It truly breaks my heart to see what little value most Christians place on the Gospel. It seems that if there is not a personal benefit that comes from giving to support this work, the majority of Christians will get offended when dealing with this topic biblically. It seems that unless the doctrine is preached as a purely “Give so you can get” message, few will support the gospel. Little wonder why the last days are known as days of apostasy. But when we do give for the work of the Lord, then are we taking a share in the work of Christ. Suddenly, those who are not preachers BECOME preachers as they support the work; they who are not evangelists BECOME evangelists as they support the work; they become WRITERS, TEACHERS, NURSES etc, as they support the work through the blessings in which they have been blessed. How sad it is for those who cannot see it, whose hearts are hardened against the simplicity of the doctrine. The Prosperity Gospel is popular, but many hearts are revealed when this topic is dealt with biblically. Pr Edi