"The Mark of The Beast" Tagged Sermons

Pt 7. The Mark and Coming Global Currency

The bible teaches of a time when all people will have a single global currency unit of exchange and be compelled to take a mark, not just any mark, the mark of the beast. Is the world being conditioned today to accept the coming reality of this event? Are we living in the time of these signs?

Where Are We In Biblical History and Where Are You?

Where are we? Where are you?   The Way Baptist Church Speaker: Pr Edi Giudetti   10-12-2017     Where are we in relation to the Tribulation historically? Specifically; How close are we to that forthcoming event? What evidence have we that we might be closer or further than we think?   With that as our perspective, where are you relative to this coming reality? Specifically; Are you safe? Are you working to safe guard others?   Let’s first begin…