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The Peace Of God

The Peace Of God Pr Edi Giudetti 22-12-2019 The letter of Colossians is written to those who know the Lord, those of have Peace With God now, and able to share in the Peace Of God. And it is a peace that passes all understanding, a peace contrary to anything the world can ever find without him. 1.   Determine To Permit The Peace Of God (and let) The passage we have before us has, as its context, a contrast to that which is before. A manner of…
Peace & Comfort

Go In Peace

Go In Peace Pr Edi Giudetti 15-12-2019 Many might be the days of our week that can be filled with fear and distress, discomfort of diverse kinds. Questions that might arise from deep within us that we don’t even understand. They affect us in ways that we don’t like and we long for comfort. To those who know the Lord there is a refuge, a shelter to hide under in times of need. The Lord gathers us as a hen…