Fruit Unto God

From Chapter 6:14 to 7:15 the apostle Paul is dealing specifically with the Change that has occurred in the Christian contrasting the state under the Law to that new glorious state under the loving dominion of Grace.

The key verse introducing the change is (Rom 6:14) “For sin shall not have dominion over you for you are not under the law but under grace” 

And we look at grace with wonder, because it is so vitally important; grace is that concept of love demonstrated by God toward us in both the procuring of our salvationand in thepreservingof our souls

It is that unmerited favor that we trust the Lord in, but not for our benefit alone is this grace given,but for the purpose “To bring fruit unto God” (Rom 7:4). And that is what I desire you would take away from the sermon this morning.

We are to live our lives to the same end for which he came and died; that we, as one body, might live the Gospel of Christ and speak the Gospel of Christ, in the hope that we may indeed save some to that same purpose, “To bring fruit unto God”.


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