176 Word on 176 Verses. Ps 119:15 Meditation

176 Word on 176 Verses. Ps 119:15 Meditation

176 words on 176 Verses.

“I will meditate in thy precepts,

And have respect unto thy ways.”

 (Ps 119:15)

The concept of meditation in the 21st century is one where the mind is to rest upon nothing. The encouragement is for no thought to enter in, to leave the mind with a mental vacuum, divorced from consideration and concern. This, it is thought, will provide rest for the weary soul and revive the energy of the heart.

But this meaning has been introduced into modern culture and has displaced its original meaning and purpose. To meditate is to USE the mind, not to disregard or ‘empty’ it. And to use the mind to meditate in the precepts, the word and law of the Lord is by far the greatest effort one can undertake to both rest the weary soul as it rests in the Lord, and encourage the troubled heart as it is comforted in Christ.

It is understood then that the determination to meditate upon the precepts of the Lord, encourages us to have respect unto his ways. It is this respect that not only honors the Lord, but brings understanding to the heart. (Malachi 3:16)


Pr Edi Giudetti


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