The Stumblingstone

The Stumblingstone

The stumblingstone in the passage of Romans 9:30-33 is the true Gospel through which many stumble over. Israel “stumbled at that stumblingstone” says Paul in the passage in Romans, because they sought their hope through the following the righteousness of the Law and not the righteousness that is in Christ, they sought it not by faith.

There is no possibility of attaining heave through our own effort, Peter refered to it as a “yoke” in Acts 15, a yoke that is unable to be borne by any who attempt to attain eternal life through their own effort and not by faith.

The Bible says that we are “justified by his faith” (Rom 3:28), just as was Abraham who “believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness” (Rom 4:3).

Any works utilised for the attainment of eternal life becomes a wage through which God is obliged to reward, God becomes a debtor to man for the goodness of man. But man is not good,

For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not.

Eccles 7:20

Only the Gospel can save man, only faith in the Lord Jesus Christ has been given as a suitable sacrifice for sin. It is through Jesus Christ, who paid the penalty of the sin of all of mankind upon the Cross, who was made a “scapegoat”, who was given as a “ransom” and who “became sin for us, who knew no sin”.

man has broken the Law of the Lord, it cannot be mended it can only be paid for by justice.

Man has only one option available to him, not the prideful trust in himself, but the hopeful appeal to Christ.

God will not share is glory with another, he made the way available for man, man has only to come to the Lord with Empty Hands and appeal to his grace through the Lord Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for the sin of man.


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