The Day of Christ Vs The Day of The Lord

The Day of Christ Vs The Day of The Lord

Far too many Pastors and Theologians spend far too much of their time analysing arguments and passing on the contributions of others rather than studying the scriptures for themselves to both reconcile and understand the scriptures. When it comes to matter concerning Eschatology, this is multiplied fourfold. Our study today gives consideration to The Day of Christ Vs The Day of the Lord, is there are difference or are they the same event?

What are the distinctions between the two phrases, the day of Christ and the day of the Lord in the Bible? We have already seen a multitude of distinctions between the Church and the World or Israel;

  • One we saw is a virgin bride the other an adulterous fornicator.
  • One to be presented white and pure, the other to be returned to God.
  • One is not appointed to wrath, the other will suffer the loss of two thirds of its population.
  • One is a mystery in the Old testament and revealed in the New, the other begins in Genesis and is seen throughout the Bible.
  • One comes into history and then leaves it, the other has a continuous line throughout.
  • One inherits heaven, the other inherits all the promises made to her on earth.
  • One returns with her groom, the other is a remnant saved for her husband.

We will see that, respecting the Day of Christ, there is a great expectation for the day, it is not nothing like what we see respecting the Day of the Lord, great fear and foreboding for that day.

We see that the Day of Christ is a day when all our works are revealed for what they are, an appraisal is made on that day as to being blameless or blameworthy.

We see that it is the culminating day, the time when there is no more we can do respecting that which we are to give an account.

Lastly we will see how we are to live prior to that day.

When we compare the day of Christ Vs the day of the Lord, we see distinctions respecting who are to be presented, the time frame it covers, the nature of the day and the purpose in the day.

These are still only some elements we consider respecting the day of Chris vs the day of the Lord.


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