4. The Motivation

Who would have thought that there would be another motivation to some conclusions other than what is professionally determined?

Science has scientists, Philosophy has philosophers, Physics has physicists just as any Theory has a theorist. What am I trying to say? All of these professions have people behind them; to think that people are not motivated by their predispositions, (especially personally held ‘beliefs’) and bring those views to their conclusions, particularly when there is SO much at stake, such as the possibility that such a strong predisposition is wrong, would be naive at best and wilfully ignorant at worst.

This message contains within quite a number of quotations from many people from a variety of respectable backgrounds, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Philosophy etc. There conclusions and how they arrived at those conclusions will be quite startling.

Its their motivations that will surprise you. Why do they teach as true what they know full well is impossible? Are there any “Rules of the Game” when it comes to the respectable sciences?

I do pray that the outcome is enlightening for you.

Lord bless your diligent study and desire to believe what is true as opposed to believing what is preferred.

Pr Edi Giudetti.


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