Message At Aberdeen

Message At Aberdeen

A message the Lord desired to encourage the faithful brethren of Aberdeen Baptist Church. A message of the testimony of how the faithful God blessed the congregation of Hope Baptist in Sunbury during the most difficult time in recent history in Melbourne Victoria. A time when an entire state suffered so broadly at the hands of its own government, in a “free” democratic country, for the sake of what could only be described as a relatively benign flu virus.

It was a time however that testified a global cross-over from the legs of iron to the feet of iron and clay (Daniel 2:31-45), a time that identified the rule of law no longer applied and witnessed the rule of an invisible supranational authority that seemed to make the rules on behalf of most western countries who’s leaders appeared as nothing more than paid actors over the affairs of their constituents. A unique time globally, signifying a distinct change universally.

The account briefly tells of a church willing to stand alone to preach the word of God in Melbourne, the “lockdown capital of the world” and to maintain doing so as the Lord instructed rather than as man dictates. A church blessed for their desire to hold the Bible as their final authority, not mandates; desiring to please God, not government; fearing God, not men.

I pray the message is a blessing to those who hear it.

Pr Edi


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