An important page for those desiring to keep up to date on the matters occurring around us today. Never have we been in a time where the Bible continues to reveal itself as true through the events of the world. Everything from the depravity of the moral state of individuals, to the political realm, is represented and represented in diverse and uniquly unilateral ways.

We see it almost as an unseen hand orchestrating the events of human history to unfold in a manner that is perfectly aligned with an ancient book, that has spoken of these very contemporary events yet penned thousands of years ago.

Indeed the Bible is not silent on matters of contemporary events and culture, on the contrary it screams loudly and calls all to listen to its inspired words that all may be saved and spared the evil which is yet to come.

Perhaps some look to pages such as this and think of it as doom and gloom, yet just as the bitter is before the sweet, and the toil before the reward, there are others who see the events of present history and are greatly encouraged at the plainness of The Book, and anticipate with joy that their redemption draws nigh.

But there is another effect that should come upon many, and that is one of great urgency for the Gospel. As the days draw nearer to the return of Christ for his Church, the days will also grow much darker. Unfolding before us will be a continual convergence of events that will invariably lead to the drama of the tribulation period. Though this is wilfully denied by many, it will not be prevented by any.

I hope this page and its ongoing posts will both inform and encourage its readers. I pray it works to motivate many for the Gospel and some to seek salvation through the Gospel.

Pr Edi Giudetti


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