VBV Bible Study

Verse By Verse Bible Study

There is a wonderful blessing that we find in the plain and simple devotional reading of the Bible. In fact, together with prayer,  nothing impacts our personal walk more than this endeavour. God gave us his words, he likens his words to the rain that comes down from heaven, it waters the Earth, it brings forth bud and it gives seed to the sower (Isaiah 55:10-11). As the rain nourishes the Earth, so too does the simple devotional reading of the Bible nourish us.

The Study of Every Verse

But when we come together for the reading of the Bible verse by verse some new things just rise to the surface that we never noticed before. Suddenly a deeper appreciation of the Bible comes to the fore, suddenly and renewed interest in what the Bible is telling us renews our spirit and our hearts.

Not new things, but that which is already there made more real and fresh.

Rabbit Trails

And then there are all the diversions, the rabbit trails that each verse can take us on, certainly not even Alice could find the wonder on her mythical travels that we can in the many diverse interlinking passages we can be drawn into. How they affect family, society, the nation, the world, as well as ourselves personally.

For any that thought the Bible is not relevant, these Verse By Verse Bible Studies tell otherwise.

Ask about them, and join us every Wednesday evening from 8pm to 9:30pm.