Getting Deeper Studies

Getting Deeper Studies

How The Bible Interacts With The World.


It does not take much to anchor our hope in the Bible. When we discover how quickly the Bible answers the questions of the world, we discover the most profound work ever given to mankind. Only an Omniscient (All Knowing) being that stands outside of space and time could have given to man such a work as the Bible.

Wisdom profound

The Getting Deeper Studies demonstrate to us the wisdom of God,  he it is that should have the answers to the most profound questions ever asked by man. Question that concern our day to day lives as well as questions that concern the very meaning of Life, are answered in this volume.

One book stands alone, compare it the the Great Books of the Western World which extends to 60 Volumes, or the Harvard Classics, a 51 volume anthology, both compendiums seem to ask more question than provide answers. Yet the Bible, when it was given to the people in their own tongue and taken out of the darkness of ecclesiastical power, is what has set the course of the success of Western History.

Sadly, the negation of this book in the last 100 years is proving to be the detriment of our modern society. Darkness seems to be returning to the world as the Bible itself is hidden in a sea of obscurity with hundreds of ‘versions’ of what God said. This confusion will have its full end in ignorance and return the world to groping in the dark looking for hope. Its the Bible we need to return to, its the wisdom of this one book that stands alone, the Getting Deeper Studies link the Bible to the world in a parallel contrast of wisdom.

History In Advance

One of the key studies we take the time to look at is what is known in the Bible as Prophecy, that is, the telling of history in advance.

A number of years ago much was made of the obscure passages found in the writings of Nostradamus. That none of the so called prophecies can be clearly traced as accurate seems to escape the notice of those looking with plain hindsight. But the history the Bible speaks of in advance is not hidden, they speak of most things in a very plain way in order to warn the world of what is to come from their turning away from the truth.

The Bible is wonderfully accurate and there will be no end to these series of studies as we see the day approaching.

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