176 Words on 176 Verses. Psalm 119:2

Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, And that seek him with the whole heart.”

 (Ps 119:2)

Blessedness is that which I have already expounded upon, that truly happy state of man that can only come from the Joy of following the Lord, trusting in him exceedingly. But to those who ‘keep’ his testimonies, those who would ‘retain’, ‘hold’, ‘guard’ and ‘trust’ in the words of the Lord, those same words that form within them a coherent whole of testimony, to these there is a blessed state indeed.

For it is in the keeping of the Word of God that we come to seek after God; and in seeking after God we then find ourselves keeping his testimonies; it seems to be that, long sought for self-perpetuating machine within the world of energy, we discover it to be the non-mythical reality of Gods spiritual design in man.

The Lord has so structured and ordained his Word to function according with that Spirit born in the child of God at conversion, not only will he seek the Lord with the whole heart, but he will indeed keep the testimonies that themselves govern the heart.


Pr Edi Giudetti


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