Why The KJV Dr Gipp

Why The KJV Dr Gipp

Why the KJV?

Have you ever asked why the KJV is held so tightly by only one group of people? Only one body of Christians hold to only one particular language version of the Bible and argue so passionately for it as the very word of God for the English-speaking people? With over 400 versions in the English language, why is it that not a single voice is ever raised by any who use one of the say 399 other versions, believing every word they have is the perfect and pure words of God?

Why? Because none of them believe they have a perfect Bible, except for this one wacky group of people who believe they have every jot and title given by God in their language.

No issue polarises Christianity more than the source of the Words of God. I have referred to it as the Greatest Controversy In Christianity.

In the English language, the Bible Version Issue is rightly a controversial, no other language in history is suffered with so many versions of what God said, for a Christian, or anybody for that matter, not to think there is something wrong with this is the deepest level of naivety.

The Argument is a simple one if the Bible is the very inspired words of God, and if God had promised to preserve each and every word, then how many versions should we expect to find?

To the common man, this is not a difficult question to answer, to the “learned” however, the answer is fraught with difficulties. Yet the right answer makes all those difficulties go away. The argument revolves around the belief that the English language has one true Bible, and that Bible is known historically as The Authorised Version, today it is known as The King James Bible.

This series of pages in the Getting Deeper Study series is dedicated to this argument. The beginning and ending point is from the perspective of the Bible itself, what does the Bible say about the words of God?

We will consider five questions, if the answers given do not agree with what the Bible actually teaches, then we can presume the answer incorrect. After the five questions are dealt with, we will look at all the circumstantial evidence, both historical and contemporary to furnish a conclusion.

The Five Questions

Did God Promise to Preserve His Words? (Psalm 12:6-7)
Is God Able To Preserve His Words? (Jeremiah 32:17)
Did God Lie? (Titus 1:2)
Can Man Circumvent Gods Promise? (Job 5:12)
Is God Limited By Language? (Genesis 11)

Within these five questions, if answered Biblically, lies a response that needs to further consider the truth. If these questions answer;


Then the position taken by these advocates, cannot be considered irrational. If an honest person with any Biblical conviction considers these five questions seriously, with the answers according to the Bible, then they cannot consider the point superfluous or irrational or a wacky side issue.

I hope you enjoy the many series of studies that will be posted on this page. To whet your appetite Dr. Samual Gipp has a wonderful 8-minute summary, Why The KJV? It’s logical and its simplicity to the issue is profound, please take a look at this video together with his four follow-up video’s.

A Library of resources that expound on this issue can also be found at Way of Life Literature. We will be expanding this most important topic in time. For now, there are more than enough books and articles available to the diligent student, even though all that should be necessary are the scriptures that answer those five questions noted above. These answers at least provide the student reason enough to consider the question more seriously.

Pr Edi Giudetti


Bible versions, the most controversial issue in Christianity.