Summer Camp 2023

Summer Camp 2023

Standing Strong Summer Camp 2023

We have had a wonderful response to this years summer camp, especially considering the small amount of promotion attended to. We have again over 100 children (106), over 30 volunteers (35) and now also added some 20 small children (22) for which we are providing a virtual day-care/mini junior camp to support those volunteers who are ministering to the children. What a wonderful blessing and opportunity.

ADDED to that, we have been blessed by no less that 180 FREE Bibles to distribute to the kids, recieved over 1/3 of the cost of the camp in donations so far, with more people intending on providing catering supplies and direct support for this camp.

No doubt the Lord is in it.

What is needed are your prayers. We cant do anything without the Lord’s oversight, this is a camp that begun by faith and can only ever function and continue by faith.

Its wonderful to rest in the Lord!

God bless you and thank you all for your help for these kids.

23 Jan to 27 Jan 2023


The Brochure


Other than adult volunteers who like to have fun, and those organising the camp…who also like to have fun, the camp is specifically designed for boys and girls of high school age, generally between 12yrs and 18yrs old.

What’s It About?

The times we which we live are indeed unique with many challenges, but there is a wonderful hope and joy and strength that is found in the Lord and this will be the theme of the camp this summer. HOPE YOU ARE READY TO STAND STRONG!

The Gospel is the first hope we all have, to know the wonderful news that all our faults, all our errors, all our sins can be washed away because of what Jesus had done for us all those years ago, is the single greatest joy ever experienced.

Now we have a life to live that has purpose, it has true intrinsic meaning. Living our life is not without its challenges, but we will see how it is that we can ALL Stand Strong through those challenges and in Jesus who said that HIS STRENGTH is made perfect in our weakness (2 Cor 12:9)

The Format

Those who have enjoyed our previous camps will be familiar with the format of this camp.  Pr Edi will be the main speaker, with guest speakers and testimonies of those who have needed to stand strong in their own lives, these will no doubt encourage each one of us.

All that which were seen in previous camps so far will be found in this camp AND MORE!

There will be a Chapel service on both morning and evening of each of the days of camp. Pr Edi will be teaching on what it is to stand strong in the midst of difficulties in our lives, many are the examples of those who have endured trials in the Bible, and many are they amongst ourselves. The desire is to provide both an eternal hope through the simple life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ and how this should give us the courage to live our lives to the full.

In between there will be a multitude of games and activities, together with free time and great food…great food…did I mention the food?

Well, we can promise you the food is not far off that noted above. Why?

coz it’s made with the love of people like this…

Activities and Games

We will update this shortly, but be sure to know that all you have experienced before has been ADDED to and not taken from. This camp is set to be the best we have done so far.


The cost is nada, nothing, zip, zero, not a cracker, nor a brass razoo, free for all volunteers and for all campers.

But how can a small church like ours do this?

Quite frankly, you would need to ask the Lord! We have seen God do miracles with these camps. The last two camps combined received almost enough gifts from people to fully cover the costs and the wonderful faithfulness of our own congregation ensured the Church would not go backwards financially and it was just amazing to behold.

It is, for this reason, we are so encouraged to bless the children even further with the current venue.

The heart of all the volunteers are for these wonderful children, the Lord knows it and he works in the hearts of those who love these kids just as much and more.

For those of you who may wish to donate to help cover the cost of this camp, the details are below.

To Register

Please send me an email via the form below, or send an email to me directly at to receive your registration form. Once I receive your request I will then email a registration form to you to fill out and email return. Simple.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Pr Edi

To share in the work of this camp, donations can be anonymously given to the below account.

Account Name: Hope Baptist Church

BSB: 633 000

Account Number: 159 635 267

Reference: CAMP

Thank you everyone; From Pr Edi and the wonderful volunteers of Standing Strong Youth Summer Camp.

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