Perilous Times Pt 2: For Men Shall Be

Perilous Times Pt 2: For Men Shall Be

For Men Shall Be…

Last week we introduced the current Mayday Series titled “Perilous Times” and showed with absolute certainty that the passage of 2 Timothy 3 is referring to the state of the CHURCH in the last days.

We showed how todays “Fairweather Christians”, whose desire is to ONLY hear things palatable to their tender ears, are precipitating those days.

We did not go into all the evident madness of Charismatic Chaos, and how that moved so quickly to the spiritual insanity of Pentecostal Pandemonium. We did not speak of the state of contemporary churches that have abandoned the word of God and chosen to entertain the goats rather than feed the sheep, nor did we speak of the social gospel of the Emergent Church that naturally develops when the Bibles is cast behind their backs

We did not talk about Roman Catholicism, the Eastern orthodox ChurchesThe Reformed Churches, and nothing about about the shift to the ecumenical religious system that will usher in the Global Religion of the last days;

NO, we spoke about how Christians, even in Fundamentalist Baptist Churches, are helping to precipitate the very PERILOUS TIMES Paul warned of to Timothy, because THEY WILL NOT READ THEIR BIBLES nor spend time with the Lord in Prayer;

My charge against the brethren of the Lord, yes those who are wonderfully saved by the blood of Christ, true and genuine Christians, was that, “IF YOU ARE NOT READING YOUR BIBLES, NOR SPENDING TIME EACH DAY IN PRAYER, you are adding to a facilitating the perilous times to come”

TWO of the Seven Churches ‘TYPES’ identified in Revelation 2-3 remain before the Lords coming, one is Philadelphia, the other Laodicea  Which will you be a part of?

We will take a look at those Churches next time.

This KNOW also….” Was the title of the Sermon

We demonstrated JUST A TASTE of the warnings found in 26 of the 27 books of the New Testament encouraging us to KNOW a description of the state and nature of the people who will represent the bulk of the Churches in the last of the Last Days.

And we beloved, have witnessed just a taste of it in our own congregation ten weeks ago!

Last time we introduced the Perilous Times as that which we ought to KNOW identifies the soon coming of Christ for his church, “THIS KNOW ALSO…” wrote the apostle to Timothy…

Today we will consider the sampling Paul gives of the character of the MEN who shall fill the churches of the Last Days.

The Title of the Sermon therefore is simply;


Lets take a quick look again at the passage, as you read I desire that you may gain for yourself the ability to IDENTIFY such people when they present themselves.


The specific phrase “The Last Days” appears no less and no more than 7 times in the scriptures. The first who desired to speak of that which will befall his people in “The Last Days” was Jacob as he addressed his sons before he died in Genesis 49 speaking of the events respecting Israel in those days;

There has always been a time in history that would culminate with the END OF HISTORY, a time of the end, a time of The Last Days.

Isiah wrote of it in Isaiah 2 describing the house of the Lord during the Millennium, Micahwrote of the same time in the fourth chapter; three occurrences of the phrase in the Old Testament, but four in the New. 

The first was spoken by Peter as he described that which was written of by Joel in his 2ndchapter (Joel 2:28) respecting that which will occur AFTER the coming of Messiah, then Paul in the passage before as he describes the state of the Church as it nears the end. 

James testifies AGAINST the people IN HIS CHURCH as they have their focus on the accumulation of wealth in PREPARATION for the last days;

Turn there;

Then lastly we have Peters epistle as he too warns of corrupt men in the Church who come to deny the Lord is returning anytime soon;

Now, here in this passage in 2 Timothy 3, the first description that we have of the character of men in the last days is that they “shall be lovers of their own selves“;

The balance of the passage gives the natural consequence of such self-affection and aggrandisement, consider it in the scope of SELF LOVE and ask if such characteristics follow in the nature of those who “esteem others better than themselves” (Phil 2:3)

This kind of SELF-LOVE seems distinct from the assumed self love that is to “love thy neighbour AS thyself” (Mt 19:19)

What we might consider of the “self-love” of 2 Timothy 3:2 is an EXCLUSIVE self love, a love of SELF that is to the EXCLUSION of everyone else. If it were not distinct from that self love assumed by Christ, it would not be written of here as for a time yet future;

How does such EXCLUSIVE self love develop?

In their seminal book The Coddling of The American Mind, authors Greg Lukianoff and Johnathan Haidt; One, a Constitutional Lawyer, and the other an American Physiologist, discovered that the level of protection, or rather, “wrapping children in cotton wool“, so evident both in many parenting techniques today and almost every school in the western world, is creating a generation of adults so weak in their ability to handle adversity, that they strike back against any person who does not think of them as high as they like to think of themselves.

In 2013 the Time Magazine had as its cover page an image of an older teenager laying on her front holding her iPhone far enough from her face to take Self Image. Suddenly a new word entered the English Language, the Selfie (Interestingly, An Australian slang word that won the International Word of the Year in 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries)[1] . 

The Title of the 2013 Time Magazine was simply, 

The ME ME ME Generation” Subtitled “Millennials are lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents

In the article the Author Joel Stein wrote;

He goes on to say;

You will note that this article is ten years old, those 20 something Millennials are in their mid thirties today, and if they have grown up believing that “feeling hurt” equates to “being hurt“. They will also become individuals who will justify ANYTHING that might come close to proving their feelings justified.

When the best JUDGEMENT that an individual can employ to JUDGE something is their emotional response, no relationship will EVER survive in the long term.

The entirety of the description given in 2 Timothy 3:2, is perfectly represented by a generation of young people, now up to their mid thirties, who need “trigger warnings” so they can move to a “safe Space” and here nice things about themselves. That is TODAYS GENERATION OF Millennials and upcoming final generation (Sorry, referring to GEN Z).

In his book “Antifragile”, Author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a Lebanese born Statistitian, stock trader and Polymath and current professor of Risk Engineering at New York University, wrote of how we are weakening a generation of people by not permitting the trials that strengthen them to endure. He says;

In an educational opening statement to his book he writes; 

“Wind will extinguish a candle, but energises a fire” his advice is that we do not turn our children into candles, but QUOTE “You want to be the fire and wish for the wind”[4]

What Taleb has discovered is that hard trials generally make for more resilient ADULTS, but soft touch coddling of feelings almost ALWAYS leads to neurotic, narcissistic people. 

Our passage in 2 Tim 3 demonstrates that this is going to be the general state of the modern Church in the last days, and it is not too difficult to see it as true. 

The modern contemporary “feel good church” is bursting at the seams with meaningless emotional drivel designed to first Please the Crowd and then with their music, dull their senses into altered states of consciousness so they can leave the Church in the same sinful state, but feel better about it.

Beloved, relationship are NEVER proved during the good times. It is not difficult to love those who love you, it is never difficult to have a relationship with someone who agrees with everything you say and do, as long as this is all that is expected in a relationship, be sure you leave your candle in a breathless room.

Relationships are PROVED THROUGH TRIALS AND DISAGREEMENTS. If they endure this, they will certainly grow in greater agreement, the wind has blown but they have chosen to persist AND THE FIRE OF their love toward another gets stronger.

Those described in 2 Tim 3, “men lovers of their own selves” etc, are made evident by their willingness to “Endure Sound Doctrine”. The unwillingness to do so will see them come up with all manner of excuse to leave the church. 

Watch for them, this is a Sign of the Times, for.

NOTICE however how the verse we have under consideration frames itself,

Each phrase sets itself up for the next in a natural sequence and consequance. Those who Love Themselves, is inferred to the exclusion of all others, for we all naturally love ourselves, there is therefore a distinction in this passage.

We naturally become “Covetous”, we lust for that which we think will give to us that which we ought to gain from our relationship to Christ. In January I preached a Sermon titled “A Bag With Holes”, in that sermon is stated that the covetous relationship that many Christians have with Money testifies that money is the final frontier of Christian idolatry, our love of it displaces our love for God, for in it we believe to receive all the comforts, security, happiness and opportunities that would otherwise come from God. 

Boastfulness and Pride are co dependant both to each other and to the one that loves himself. God help you if you ever say anything to such a person that diminishes what he/she thinks of themselves. 

The SELF ESTEEM movement has destroyed proper self enquiry. Reciving a participation award just for showing up and created a plethora of self entitled people whose love for themselves has outweighed the Gospel.

Blasphemers: The word is pertinent of the individual who loves himself MORE, as is seen in the next verse.

Disobedient to parents: naturally, if you love yourself to the exclusion of all others, you will have NO regard for the advice or direction of parents.

Unthankfulness is the most hurtful of all that is above. What do you do when you have shown abundance of love and gone out of your way time and again, you have cared and prayed, stayed up late at night ministering to a brother or sister, gotten up in early mornings and spent regular time. What of parents who have so wonderfully provided for their Children and find themselves SHOVED aside, placed into nursing homes and rarely ever visited?

How do you deal with unthankfulness? How does the LORD?

What can we do with ingratitude beloved? You cant discipline it. What can you do? 

You will do as the Lord does, Feel Pain!

UNHOLY: is the culmination of Self Love, it is the assessment of oneself according to personal perception and not according to rule. The UNHOLY man has no governing principal in life other than what he wants to attend to for himself. There is no rule and no law; “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law“…now where did I get that quote from?

  • break rules or laws
    • behave aggressively or impulsively
    • feel little guilt for harm they cause others
    • use manipulation, deceit, and controlling behavior”[5]


For men shall be…Without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers etc” 

We notice that a change has occurred respecting natural tendency. The passage is descriptive of a nature within them that is antithetical to what they ought to be.

There is no change in clause between verses 2 and 3, so what we have is a continuation of the description of those Timothy is to know about concerning the nature of people in the CHURCH in the last days.

They role on perfectly naturally from FIRST becoming “Lovers of their own selves” 

While we are so naturally seeing such a rise of the population of both the world and the Church of people being exclusively “Lovers of their own selves”, we are also seeing a dramatic rise in a personally disorder known technically as “Antisocial Personality Disorder”, or more popularly known as Sociopathy.

The Bible refers to these people simply as “without natural affection” and then goes on to show the result, .

Winston Smith, in his Substack article titled “Origins of Sociopathy“, subtitled ‘The Etiology of Guiltlessness’ describes the nature of the Sociopath as distinctly “Without Natural Affection“;[6]

He writes of them saying;

The author does on to state the difference between the perfect “self love” of the Narcissit and the Sociopath, stating;

According to Healthline, the Characteristic of those the Bible refers to as “without natural affection“, but the world refers to as “Antisocial Personality Disorder” AKA Sociopathy;

     •   break rules or laws

     •   behave aggressively or impulsively

     •   feel little guilt for harm they cause others

     •   use manipulation, deceit, and controlling behavior”

  • little to no guilt or remorse, or a tendency to justify actions that negatively affect others
  • seem charming at first until their self-interest becomes clear
  • low empathy and emotional intelligence
  • difficulty learning from mistakes
  • lack of concern for the safety of others
  • a tendency to intimidate and threaten in order to maintain control[7]

Now this is important as to how such conditions arise.

In the 1990’s it was discovered that these Romanian Children were kept in terrible state-run institutions with 1 staff member per 40 children, staff were instructed to ensure they had MINIMAL Contact with the children and provided the children only just enough food to live on.

Once these institutions were exposed, compassionate Westerners began to adopt these Romanian orphans and discovered it was a difficult journey;

She wrote;

It is interesting that there is a massive rise in Sociopathy in the west, a study as early as 1991 found the disorder doubled from the previous 15 years in the WEST;

Dr Stout cites;

Its difficult to imagine how the exponential rise in Childcare Centres in the western world WONT LEAD to an entire generation of Sociopaths both now and in the future. Children from 6 months old are dropped off to be “cared for” by others. Sadly, the instruction given in many of these centres are to ensure there is a limit on personal affection toward these little ones, and especially to ensure it is not from any one particular carer. 

Let me put this together;

We should expect to see an ongoing rise of people “without natural affection” as Children are deprived from the love and affection that should come from their distracted parents.

With the dramatic rise of divorce through the satanic attack on the family, and the rise of parents placing their children in Childcare early in the morning while they ‘go to work’ and not collecting them until they are ready for bed in the late evening, there is NO DOUBT Sociopathy is going to be huge in the last of the last days.

An interesting note Dr Stout wrote of  respecting the value of the emotionless, unempathetic sociopath might have as a soldier or even a law enforcer who does not question the morality of their instructions;

The extreme end of this state of being, this time to come when they shall be “without natural affection” was given to us by Jesus when he spoke to his disciples concerning the time to come;



Just as Jannes and Jambres had limitation placed on their sin, so too shall all men of “corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith” not proceed any further than that which God permits.

Absalom rebelled against his father David, he first stole the hearts of the people his father was anointed to govern, deceived many of the leaders of his father to follow him and anoint him king, while he planned the overthrow of his father. Only to end with himself caught high in a tree and struck down.

In the book of Esther we see Haman build a gallows to have Mordecai hung on after he deceived the King into signing a godless order to destroy ALL THE PEOPLE of Mordecai, simply for his hatred of him. In the end it was Haman himself who was hung on the gallows he built for Mordecai.

IN the book of Daniel we find those who falsely accuse Daniel of error cast into the den of lions whose mouths testified who was innocent and who it is that were guilty.

The Bible teaches often of how the wicked dig a pit for others but they themselves fall into.

King David wrote;

Beloved; The perilous times Paul warned Timothy of is a testimony of the proximity of the Lords return for his Church.

As you see these things come to pass, and as you witness so many cought up in such sin today, look up and know that the Blessed appearing of our Lord and saviour is near.

Be ENCOURAGED, do not hold more tightly to people than you do to the Lord. Seek to PLEASE HIM and you will be blessed even though you may be persecuted.

Jesus said



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