Young Adults Camp 2018

Young Adults Camp 2018

Authority : eternity

Where trust meets forever

young adults camp 2018

7pm july 26th – 1pm july 28th


Alexandra Adventure Resort

43 Murrays Road

Whanregarwen, VIC 3714



Brief introduction and layout.


The general consideration relates to the impact and consequence of where we are to ultimately place out trust, what will be the source to which both our lives and eternity hang?


I have been teaching on matters of authority, specifically Truth in absolute terms, for many years, mostly because of the incredible impact it has upon our lives. Whether it be the programs we watch, the music we listen to, the movies we are entertained by or the news casters we trust in; all of these sources present propositional truths they encouraged us to believe as true. But if we understood the significance of their respective impact we would be very, very careful in our choice of influence.


I find great difficulty in considering an issue of greater importance than Truth in absolute terms and importantly the dependability of what we choose to be its source.  Why? Because this is where what we trust as true has an eternal impact, this is where trust meets with forever, where authority and eternity is fastened together.


We are given a countless array of sources of authority to trust in, from blogs to books, movies to music, schools to Polls and statistics, Science to all the forms of social media, each of which make the claim to be dependable and true, most of which contradict one another, how can we know in which source to place our trust and does it matter?


The Bible tells us that God is not the author of confusion, but of peace…(1 Cor 14:33), therefore the confusion and division built up to the level we witness today has another source.


Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, do we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to know and reveal the straight gate and walk the narrow way?  Is the effect temporal or eternal?


Our journey in this series will take us from a standard, to life without one. The aim is to demonstrate how this impacts our common sources of authority; the Church, the Sciences, the Media and…. Me.


Series topics are;


Thursday night;


  1. The Standard




  1. The Falling Away
  2. The Worlds Turn
  3. The Sophist
  4. The Gospel




  1. When Bitter is Sweet


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