Beyond A Doubt: Winter Camp 2022

Beyond A Doubt: Winter Camp 2022

Monday the 27th JUNE to Thursday the 30th JUNE 2022

Hello to all mums, dads, guardians and carers of each of these wonderful children. Hello also to those of you who also participated in the recent Beyond A Doubt Winter camp. 

All is now obviously concluded and no doubt all the stories recently told. New friends made, some recent ones reacquainted. What a time we all had.

Well, we had desired in every way to have a camp, in the middle of winter, that would bring both warmth to the body and warmth to the soul. At times is difficult to gauge how universal either of those efforts were accomplished, but suffice to say the Lord warmed all our hearts as his word was both preached and heard, some hearts changed for all eternity and some given much pause and things to consider. Beyond A Doubt winter camp had 32 volunteers who came from all parts of the state to be a blessing to 93 children who also came from all parts of the state, for a 3-night winter camp where the wonderful Gospel of Christ was always front and center in each Chapel service and every Cabin Devotion, and also encouraged in conversation. 

Adding to this was the wonderful games and activities which were again a blessing for both kids and leaders alike. We also enjoyed the night games such as Underground Church and the new Bible Smuggler game, both also very exciting…if perhaps going on a little late this time around . Nevertheless, all was a part of the experience that makes the camp.

The volunteers in the kitchen were absolutely fantastic, the food was yet again second to no other camp I have ever been a part of; no expense was spared even to the point of having…wait for it….tender and succulent Roast Lamb for dinner!!! Who would have thunk it for a FREE camp?

None of this could have been possible without the Lord moving in the hearts of many people, including a number of the volunteers, who had given both of their time and money to help fund this camp. Many parents certainly became an incredible blessing to many other parents who could never have afforded to send their children to such a camp. Some parents told me personally that their Children have never been to a camp due to the cost and they were so appreciative for the making of this opportunity.

This is what we see of those who first loved the Lord in the New Testament book of Acts. What a joy to see something like the experience of the 1st century Church still alive and well, reminding us of the words of 2 Corinthians 8:15,  As it is written, He that had gathered much had nothing over; and he that had gathered little had no lack”. Many had given of their abundance, some also of their want, only to bless those who could not. So thank you so much to the many mums and dads who have given to support this work. As Hope Baptist Church is a church with little strength, it is certain that the camp could not be able to go on without your trust in the Lord to bless others of your “carnal things” in order for all to be partakers of “spiritual things” (Rom 15:27). 

 Thank you also for your trust, I do pray all the Children had a wonderful time. I pray they were challenged with the Gospel, and above all I pray that they may all know now, or soon come to know, Beyond a Doubt about the Lord, the way of salvation and the eternal hope they may claim as their own. 

Please continue to set each of the children before the Lord, the days we live in certainly have their challenges and our children all need our prayers now more than ever. 

I pray I may see you all again, if the Lord both tarries and wills, at the Summer Camp in 2023. As tired as many of the volunteers were after this winter camp, it is amazing how many of us are excited of the prospect for the summer camp in 2023. Pray the Lord continues to make a way.

All who have been to either the summer or winter camps will have priority opportunity for Camp in the summer of 2023. I will certainly keep you all posted.

God bless you all

Pr Edi Giudetti

Yes, Another Free Youth Camp!




We have been blessed to make available yet another wonderful opportunity for our youth. Another opportunity for the enjoyment of friends at an exciting resort. An opportunity to take FULL advantage of while it is available to do.

There are times during the winter season when the hearts of our kids are downcast, the grey days of winter seem far too long, even though they are the shortest of the year, then the night comes and often finds a somber mood to match it. But what if light sprang out of those days? What if, in the midst of winter, spring is sprung in the hearts of our kids? In the place of gloom, we can see joy; in the midst of drear, we see hope?

What if you can know, beyond a doubt, that no matter what occurs in life, blessing, joy, peace, and comfort is the end result?

This is what Pr Edi desires to share with the Children at this year’s winter camp.

The season we have endured of late has been a difficult one for so many, and for far too long. It’s made more difficult when the future seems somewhat unknown. Our children struggle with these things, perhaps more than we know. We look for sanity in an insane world and look for hope in a world struggling to define what hope looks like. Our kids need a break and an opportunity to see that there is another side to life.

There are some who trust that God is watching over them, others find difficulty in accepting that God either cares or exists. What if you can know, beyond a doubt, that God not only exists but absolutely cares? Imagine discovering that your life actually has purpose and meaning and that the Lord desires you might know it and enjoy the fruit of it now, and forevermore!

‘Beyond A Doubt’ is just such a camp, set near the middle of winter for the light of hope to shine ever more brighter. How we pray you all might come, and that you may give your lives a chance to be renewed in joy.


The Camp is located in Creswick, Victoria, just outside of Ballarat about 1.5hrs from Melbourne.

Its address is Log Cabin Camp 270 Ascot Rd Creswick, Victoria.

The Format

Those who have enjoyed the camp structures at previous Baptist Church camps will be familiar with the format of this camp.  Pr Edi will be the main speaker, also we will hear many testimonies that will be shared by those who can speak of having a hope that is beyond doubt.

Pr Edi Giudetti

There will be a Chapel service both morning and evening of each of the days of camp. Pr Edi will be teaching how the reality of God can be known well beyond any reasonable doubt, but also how you can know with the same confidence of your own eternal hope through the simple life-changing Gospel. In between there will be a multitude of games and activities, together with free time and great food…great food…did I mention the food?

More like

Games and Activities

We will have games during the day and also at night, some of the most exciting games we have ever played at camp, including the all-time favorites such as ‘Underground Church’, ‘Bible Smuggler’, ‘Capture the Flag’, and we are looking to have a surprise night activity also..muu hahah.


  • Giant swing,  
  • Archery,  
  • Boule,
  • Milk crate stacking,  
  • Campfire,   
  • 4 x Leap of Faith,  
  • Commando Course , 
  • Table Tennis/Pool Table 
  • Bungee Trampoline,  
  • Frisbee Golf,  
  • Basketball 
  • Dual Zip-line,
  • Hut Building , 
  • Giant Checkers 
  • Flying Fox,
  • In-ground Trampolines, 
  • Volley Ball, 
  • Possum Glide,
  • Initiatives course,  
  • 4 square  Day/Night Hikes, 
  • Orienteering,  
  • Ponding, 
  • Billy Tea & Damper,  
  • Photo Find, 
  • Canoeing LG,  
  • Scavenger Hunt,  
  • Raft Building,
  • Giant slingshots,
  • Swimming LG

OK, so we won’t have time to use ALL the facilities, but we will certainly make time for the most exciting, and you get the point that there is heaps to do!


Our greatest burden is to make the camp free of charge to the youth. The last two and a bit years have been particularly difficult for many families and our greatest desire is to make the gospel as available as possible to all who will attend.


No V/cc*n/t*on status required; standard parental wisdom should apply for any child who is unwell.

The Youth Camp is for Ages: 12 – 18yrs, please be sure to register your interest below, and Pr Edi will get back to you with the Info/Registration forms and a flyer.

PLACES ARE LIMITED TO NO MORE THAN 120 TEENS, we are already halfway there and need volunteers to help.

Child Sponsorship

Though Hope Baptist Church is underwriting the cost of the camp, we are by no means a financially rich Church, the hearts of the people are far larger than the bank account. Nevertheless, our greatest desire is to minister to the children no matter how their financial status is, with so many parents who have lost their jobs resulting from the incomprehensible government mandates, this is all the more important to us.

Many people have asked if they can donate or sponsor a Child’s full cost for the camp, and to have a share in the blessing this camp is promised to become; the short answer is Yes, absolutely. The details are below, but PLEASE BE SURE TO GIVE THE REFERENCE AS “Youth Camp”, or “Camp”, or “Winter Camp”, as long as the reference is not blank.

Account Name: Hope Baptist Church

BSB: 633 000

Account: 159 635 267

Reference: Youth Camp

Please be sure to register your interest below, and feel free to ask any questions also.

Pr Edi Giudetti

For more information, you can also call the Director of the Camp, Greg Hipworth on  0418 310 314 

IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS with submitting the info below, email directly at

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