“I Considered Ending My Life.”

I truly don’t think there is any greater crisis of life and demonstration of total despair and desperation than the desire to end ones life.

Cody experienced this last October (2018) only a few months before he first walked in the doors of Hope Baptist Church with his brother Wade. His life from that fateful day to this day can only be attributed to the love, grace and mercy of the Lord, who heard Cody’s cry out for help on that dark night under a rope in his garage.

“I considered ending my life”

Cody Kereopa

Far too many people experience this in these dark days, sometimes it is via depression, which the Pastor has addressed, particularly in Christians. But often times it is the miserable and helpless result of very bad decisions we had made in life, the results of which always seem so much worse than the decisions that led to them.

But Cody began his walk through the influence of his mum and dad when he was a child. Strangely it seems that neither of them were truly born again at the time, yet they knew that hope must begin with God, and they set the foundation in Cody’s life that would not let him down when the time to cry out to God came.

“When we are in the deepest hole, and we reach for him, he reaches out to us”

Cody Kereopa

Jesus Christ came to seek and to save that which is lost (Luke 19:10), and far too many are needlessly lost today. Only Jesus promises to save the lost, but that can’t happen until, like Cody, we know we are lost.

When Cody came into our Church with his brother Wade, it was not long for him to be joined by his wonderful wife (who has her own story), and two beautiful Children. Its difficult to believe times can be so difficult that you might even consider leaving them behind.

But when we call out to the Lord, he answers. Cody did cry out, and Jesus took him for himself.

I pray that Cody’s testimony is a blessing to you.

Pr Edi

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