God Keeps His Promises

God Keeps His Promises

God Keeps His Promises

This sermon by Cody Kereopa is to provide to us an important understanding as to the character of God.

Does God keep all his promises?

What does it say about God if he only chooses to keep some of the promises he made? What confidence would that give us that he would answer our prayers or even listen to our prayers? What about our salvation, will he keep us as he has promised or will he only keep us if we are good?

If God does not keep the covenants he has made with us or with the Jew, what confidence can we have that God has even kept his promise to preserve his words? Can we even trust God at all if we doubt that “every word of God is pure” (Prov 30:5)?

God keeps his promises because he is the only being who can. He is in control of all things, he cannot lie and he is good. Unlike man who both lies and is in control of very little, God can indeed keep his promises and we can have confidence that it will be just as he has said.

But perhaps its not the promises we want him to keep that troubles us, perhaps its the knowledge of things we don’t want him to fulfil that troubles us. There are both blessings and cursing’s in the Bible, blessings to those who do well and cursing to those who do not well….very few of us do well. Indeed, if it were not for our faith in Christ, we all would find ourselves weighed and found terribly wanting.

It seems people like the opportunity to create doubt both in God and his words in the hope that the truth of the Bible will not affect them. In the hope that the cursings spoken of is not applicable to them when doubt in the Bible can have a gleam of justification.

But its our salvation from ourselves that we point to as the good news filled with hope. Yet, as Cody mentions there are so many people who want to deny the promises of God and are effectively “hoping against hope“.

I hope that is not you, I hope you are trusting in Gods promises and can remain confident that every word of God is true and he shall keep you till the end.

God bess you and trust that God keeps his promises.

Pr Edi Giudetti


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